LA RUSTICA was founded in 2016 with a mix of passion and love that led to a great success story.

Meaning “rustic”, LA RUSTICA was the first pizzeria in Riyadh that served authentic Neapolitan style pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven imported directly from Naples. Now, as LA RUSTICA became a well-known name in Riyadh, its menu is enriched with many more authentic dishes. Ranging from traditional antipasti to classic pasta dishes like Pasta al Pomodoro.

Najla and Sultan, a Saudi couple who share the passion for authentic Italian cuisine take the utmost care of distinction and uniqueness transforming LA RUSTICA from a family business to an established brand expanding its vision across the country.

“Our attention to detail will ensure that food quality and service are maintained in the long run.”

“We Love Napoli and Italy… We go to the best farmers and buy the best of the season. We import only top-quality produce”

“We believe in traditional recipes and Italian craftsmanship. We acknowledge the passion and simplicity of every dish…”

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